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Machine Manuals

Hare & Forbes 20" Bandsaw

Carbatec Scrollsaw

Jet Linisher

Hardwood Mill

14OS 14" Jet Bandsaw

16" Jet Thicknesser

K1316 Drill Press

Vicmarc Lathe

Carbatec Linisher

Triton Oscillating Spindle Sander

Vicmarc 4 Jaw Chuck


Bosch Drop Saw

8" Carbatec Jointer

Excalibur Scrollsaw

14CS 14" Jet Bandsaw

16" Jet Bandsaw

20" Jet Thicknesser

Variable Speed Drill Press

MS25 Carbatec Drum Sander

Triton Router

DS-1632A Drum Sander




Tool Catches

Catches-Part 1: Roughing Gouge

Catches-Part 3: Spindle gouge

Catches-Part 5: Skew

Catches-Part 2: Bowl Gouge

Catches-Part 4: Scrapers

Catches-Part 6: Parting Tool

Tablesaw Safety

Basics #1- Safety

Basics #3- Crosscuts

Basics #5- Working with Plywood

Basics #2- Rip Cuts

Basics #4- Miters & Bevels

Tablesaw kickback



Fixing Common Mistakes

Dust Extractor Fires

How to use Hand Planes

Bandsaw Setup

What you need to know about Glue

Using Gloves

Dust Extraction Flow

Woodworking Clamps

Forstner Bits


Service a Tailstock Quill

Vicmarc Chuck maintenance

Vicmarc Belt Replacement

Remove a Seized Chuck Screw

Belt Replacement & Bearing Maint

Fitting a new Tailstock Quill

Wood Database

Wood Finder

Wood Allergies and Toxicity

Wood Dust Safety


Free Plans
Push Stick Plan Scrollsaw Plans